HK Toy Museum @ Link

Two things…

1 ) When I first arrived in Hong Kong I was slightly traumatized by the density and uniform high rises. My trauma was somewhat lessened when I came across Lok Fu Plaza Shopping Center 樂富中心 / 樂富廣場. The plaza is a renovated housing estate, and in places you can see behind the facade to the original building.

2 ) On the 3rd floor of the plaza is an amusing toy museum, the HK Toy Museum @ Link 「領匯香港玩具博物館」. It is located at: 3/F, Zone A, Lok Fu Plaza (Map) (Exit A of Lok Fu MTR Station). There is no entrance fee. See the attached page for pictures of toys in the exhibit (link). The “museum” is merely several glass cases inside the shopping center, so don’t get your hopes up for an enormous collection. Despite this, I really enjoyed seeing such a wide variety of vintage toys.


Lok Fu Plaza:

Lok Fu market Plaza shopping center


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